Explore the basic concepts, elements, and principles of 3-Dimensional art making…

About the Instructor

Juvana Soliven is a visual artist with expertise in metalsmithing, enameling, metal casting, and multiple fiber processes. Soliven’s work explores material behavior and object language in relation to the body, human rights, labor, and intimacy. Soliven has exhibited work nationally and internationally, including the Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, and Japan.

For inquires: email juvana@hawaii.edu

Summer 2

Learn about the materials and techniques explored include wood working, fiber processes, new media art, installation, and wearable art. Includes class critique and in-progress feedback.

Students are allowed access and are given opportunity to develop competency in facilities that the art department have to offer, such as the wood shop. Since students are encouraged to explore a wide breadth of media and techniques, students may come out of this course more well-rounded and knowledgeable of art techniques that are applicable to life skills e.g. sewing, building out of wood, etc.

Fulfills the general education requirement: DA

Updated 2/28/2024