ACM 380: Genre and Narrative Theory in Creative Media: Popular Music on Film, TV & New Media

Explore the convergence and collaboration between film, television, and music…

About the Instructor

Brett Service is a Critical Studies graduate from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. He has previously worked as Curator of the Warner Bros. Archives at USC where he oversaw and facilitated access to the corporate paper records of Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. and its motion picture subsidiaries. As a lecturer at UH Mānoa, he has previously taught The American Documentary in the Academy for Creative Media.

For inquiries: service@hawaii.edu

Session 2 (online)

This course examines the evolving representation of popular music genres, music consumption practices, and musical performance in film, television, and new media from the 1950s to the present. By treating popular music on film as a genre, this course will historicize the development of genre norms and conventions and explore how the social meanings of popular music are expressed and narrativized in narrative feature films, documentaries, experimental short films, and television programs. From Elvis Presley to The Beatles, from punk to disco, heavy metal to hip-hop, rock opera to music video and beyond, students will assess the cultural meanings of popular music in everyday life, as visually represented through onscreen performance and subcultural expressions of fandom.

Students are encouraged to draw upon their own listening practices, interests, and everyday encounters with popular music and to be sensitive to the ways in which race, class, and gender inform how social meanings are expressed and understood across a variety of cultural texts and environments. As a point of convergence and collaboration between the film, television, and music industries, this course will also encourage students to evaluate and speculate about current and future transformations in the culture industries as reflected in the narrativization of popular music history.

Fulfills the general education requirements: DH, Prerequisite: ACM 255 or consent

Updated 01/13/2020