Introducing the essential elements of three-dimensional composition…

About the Instructor

Juvana Soliven is a visual artist predominantly working in metal and fiber. She is locally, nationally, and internationally exhibited, including exhibitions in New York, the Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, and  a future exhibition in Japan. Some technical and teachable abilities that may extend to this class include weaving, sewing, woodworking, and carving.

For inquiries: juvana@hawaii.edu

Summer 2

This course introduces students to the rudiments of three-dimensional composition. Students explore the formal properties and expressive potential of materials and experimental media, while focusing on the development of content and fabrication skills. The class is an introduction to the materials, methods, and concepts of sculpture in relation to materiality, time and agency. Students will combine the use of materials and methods with ideas that reflect and challenge the history of contemporary sculpture. Access to the woodshop is included with the course.

Fulfills the general education requirements: DA, H19 (Prerequisite for ART classes)

Updated 12/22/2020