Small scale sculpture with monumental impact…

About the Instructor

Juvana Soliven is a visual artist predominantly working in metal and fiber. She is locally, nationally, and internationally exhibited, including exhibitions in New York, the Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, and  a future exhibition in Japan. Some technical and teachable abilities that may extend to this class include weaving, sewing, woodworking, carving, metal casting and metal smithing.

For inquiries: juvana@hawaii.edu

Summer 2

From jewelry, domestic objects produced for social elites, to idiosyncratic talisman, this course explores the potentiality of small scale sculpture that can have as much capacity for content as monuments and the monumental. This course considers the intimacy of scale as content for investigation.

Techniques will focus on soft metals and mixed-media. Metalworking techniques include casting, piercing/ cutting, soldering, cold working, riveting, and others. Students will build a craft-based skillset, develop sensitivity to material behavior and material significance, and use creative problem-solving to communicate concepts of their work.

Fulfills the general education requirements: DA, H19

Updated 12/22/2020