Explore the culture and mindset of contemporary Japanese through prize-winning stories…

About the Instructor

Elizabeth Misao Keith, PhD, has enjoyed teaching Japanese literature and culture at UH Mānoa off and on for 18 years.  She has lectured, hosted seminars, and conducted workshops in Singapore, S. Korea, Japan, South Africa, and Kenya. For over 25 years, she worked as a professional English-Japanese interpreter for legal cases, international conferences, and business interactions as well as serving as an NHK Correspondent in Hawaiʻi to interpret, broadcast, and produce television programs for national broadcast in Japan.  Her insights into the contemporary Japanese culture and mindset are based on her lived experience.

For inquiries: phone 808-729-2777 or email ekeith@hawaii.edu

Summer 1 (online synchronous)
Zero Textbook Cost course

Masterful storytelling provides insights into society’s norms, beliefs, aspirations, ideals, and fears.  While the format of modern Japanese short stories reflects distinctly Western influences, the content of these short stories reveals the depth of a thousand years of Eastern cultural traditions and values. In this course, we will delve into the minds of the contemporary Japanese through the close reading and analysis of prize-winning short stories by some of the most iconic modern Japanese writers.

The short stories will be explored in their historical, social, literary, cultural and biographical contexts.  All readings will be distributed via PDF. Through short reading responses, students will engage in robust interpretative exchanges, lively discussions, and rewarding group projects.

Fulfills the general education requirement: DL, fulfills a Japanese BA elective

Updated 12/21/2020