Write screenplays and find your film voice, style, and perspective…

ENG 313
About the Instructor

Alternative and cultural media scholar Ida Yoshinaga specializes in cinematic genre-mixing through the screenplay form. An up-and-coming leader in the field of global science-fiction studies, she has won several national awards for scholarship in her main genres of interest, those narrated through speculative and fantastic media. Yoshinaga currently consults as a producer’s assistant, helping with script issues for a mixed-genre, feature-length film that blends folklore, fable, and documentary genres. She also works as a staff writer at Hawaiʻi’s oldest Japanese American newspaper where she performs cultural reporting for ethnic media.

Inquiries: email: ida@hawaii.edu

Summer 2

In this introductory screenwriting course, you will study the screenplay form and write your own scripts in a variety of standard short-movie lengths common to most film festivals. Studying both the “classical dramatic” (aka Hollywood) three-act structure and various alternative and experimental plot structures, you will engage issues of cinematic genre via developing your own audiovisual language of tone, style, plot turns, and audience expectations. Attention will be paid to finding your film voice as a writer with a distinct style and perspective, through intensive peer feedback.

Borrowing from independent, global, and art cinema, we will play with a number of ways to enter into a cinematic story world; using the same premise, characters, and setting/s, students will try to find which way works best to begin a movie.

Fulfills the general education requirement: DA, WI

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