Enter a gateway into the Asian aspect of the East-West comparative tradition…

PHIL 102
About the Instructor

Kevin Rickman, is a PhD student in the philosophy department. He originally studied philosophy and English at the University of Wisconsin – Parkside campus, and moved to Hawai’i to continue his studies in the graduate program in comparative philosophy and in the Second Language Studies department. His area of specialization is ethics, with a focus in Japanese, Chinese, and American Pragmatist philosophy as well as philosophy of language.

For inquiries: email: rickmank@hawaii.edu

Summer 2

This course is an introduction to many of philosophy’s foundational questions from an Asian perspective, which is of particular importantance in a modern context and on the campus of UH Mānoa with its diverse student population. We will focus on areas including epistemology (the study of knowledge), metaphysics and ontology (the study of what is and how it came to be), ethics (the study of right and wrong), and a brief venture into philosophy of language.

The UH Mānoa philosophy department is well regarded around the world for comparative philosophy, and this course is a gateway into the Asian aspect of the East-West comparative tradition.This course, then, is unique since it exposes students to both Asian traditions, which are often lacking at other universities, and the foundations of philosophy, philosophical thought, and argumentation, which are crucial to critical thinking, from the Asian tradition perspective.

Fulfills the general education requirement: DH

Updated 12/21/2020