Make a persuasive argument and spot a bad one when you see it…

About the Instructor

Lisa Widdison holds degrees from UCLA and UH Mānoa and conducts research in Sanskrit Aesthetics, Indian Philosophy, Theory of Knowledge  and Philosophy of Emotions. She also teaches: The History of Philosophy, World Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy, and Ethics.

For inquiries: email lisa888@hawaii.edu.

Summer 2

Deductive logic is a powerful tool which can help anyone to make persuasive arguments, be better at analytical thought, and to recognize a bad argument when they see one. The process of learning to make a deductive proof is useful for students who are preparing for graduate school, and careers in journalism or law.

Step by step, we will work from simple translations of statements into symbolic form, to testing the validity of interesting conclusions which might follow. By the end of this course, students will 1) be able to assess the soundness and validity of many kinds of deductive arguments; 2) have learned systems of symbolization and proof; and 3) have honed their critical reasoning skills.

Fulfills the general education requirement: FQ

Updated 12/18/2020