Explore the perennial issues in Asian and Western religions…

About the Instructor

Don Blakeley, Ph.D., emeritus professor, California State University, Fresno and Adjunct Lecturer in the Philosophy Department at the UH.

For inquiries: donaldnb@hawaii.edu or call 808-551-0290 (cell)

Summer 1 (online)
Zero Textbook Cost course

An examination of important perennial issues in religion, Asian and Western, regarding the ultimate, the place of rationality, special experience, self-identity, and death. We will also explore contemporary religion as it relates to issues in biology, neuroscience, technology, ecology, and religious diversity.

Readings selected will be central to developing an appreciation of the contributions that can be made by engaging in philosophy of religion. This is not a class on world religions nor does it involve advocating some particular religious ideas and values for you to believe. It is rather a class in developing critical thinking about and appreciation of major contributions of religions. Zoom meetings will be scheduled periodically.

Fulfills the general education requirements: DH, TXT0, WI

Updated 12/21/2020