Focus on the relationship between imagination and art…

About the Instructor

Ian Nicolay is a PhD candidate in the Philosophy Department at UH Mānoa. His main research concentrations are Indian philosophy, philosophy of mind, and theories of imagination. Ian teaches as a lecturer in the Philosophy Department at UH Mānoa as well as the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies at SUNY Stony Brook.

Inquiries: inicolay@hawaii.edu

Summer 1 (online)
Zero Textbook Cost course

Some of the broad and general questions in philosophy of art include: What makes a manmade object a work of art, or a person an artist? Is all art beautiful, or are all beautiful things art? and so forth. To narrow down the scope of this course, we will focus on the relationship between imagination and art. In what ways are the imaginations of artists and audiences engaged in the production and appreciation of art in various genres? And what does this imply about the nature of human art and imagination in general?

In addition to dealing with classical and contemporary theories of art, students will apply these theories to the analysis of works of art in various traditions, genres, styles, and media.

Fulfills the general education requirement: DH

Updated 01/21/2021