Comprehensive course on Second Language Teaching designed with practical outcomes in mind…

About the Instructor

Hoa Le is a PhD student in the Second Language Studies Department where she focuses on teacher education, task-based language teaching, and instructed second language acquisition. She has taught English in the US, Vietnam, and Korea. She has also delivered multiple workshops on second/foreign language teaching for in-service and pre-service teachers at both international and local conferences.

For inquiries: vinhhoa@hawaii.edu

Summer 2 (online)

This course surveys approaches, methods, research, and practices in second and foreign language teaching for those who are considering language teaching as a profession. Through lectures, readings, discussions, activities, and projects (e.g., classroom observation, lesson planning), you will build your knowledge to help you make informed decisions and choices in future instructional settings.

This course is designed with practical outcomes in mind where learners are encouraged to participate in various hands-on activities. Among the topics we examine are second language (L2) teaching approaches and methodologies, classroom management, lesson planning, materials, classroom testing, and professional development.

This course is required for SLS majors and for those pursuing a minor in Second Language Teaching.

Updated 12/21/2020