E hauzit! Yu laik lrn enekain abaut Pidgin?

About the Instructor

Kent Sakoda hanabuttah days until he wen grad from Waimea High School was all on Kauai…and den he wen go mainland school major in linguistics first and den wen come home UH fo study some mo and come one creolist…he in da SLS depahtment now and stay teaching dis Pidgin course almost 30 years already…him and his good friend Jeff Siegel wen go write da introductory Pidgin Grammar book…and even dough he one native speakah and like fo tink he talk Pidgin good, he still yet not one boss of Pidgin but…

For inquiries: sakoda@hawaii.edu

Summer 1 (online)

Hawai’i Creole, usually called Pidgin in Hawai’i, has a rich linguistic history based on the need for a common language among a diverse group of people who spoke different languages. Pidgin also has a dark side based on plantation domination and American English hegemony…and although stigmatized, it persists as covert pride, serving as a pan-ethnic identity marker. This and other socio-linguistic, linguistic, educational, and literary things about Pidgin is what this course offers.

In other words, in Pidgin: e hauzit!…yu laik lrn enekain abaut Pidgin?…laik hau fo rait om?…hau fo rid dis laiDaet?…if yu laik, den dis da sama kaws fo tek….

Fulfills the general education requirements: DS, HAP

Updated 01/22/2021