SLS 480P: Second Language Pedagogy: Task Based Language Teaching in Action

Tired of memorizing and regurgitating dialogs, or doing sentence-level drills? Learn by doing…

About the Instructor

Huy Phung has been working in the field of language education for 10 years. He is currently a PhD candidate at the UH Mānoa Department of Second Language Studies, studying how interaction facilitates language acquisition and development. His research interests are in applying the science of language learning to education, particularly through the researched pedagogy such as TBLT. He has taught courses in Second Language Teaching, Language Testing and Assessment, and Language Curriculum Development for pre-service teachers in both Vietnam and the US. He also has extensive experience working with K-12 teachers through professional development courses and workshops. For more info: https://phunghuy.net.

For inquiries: phunghuy@hawaii.edu

Summer 2 (online)
Zero Textbook Cost course

If you want to teach a second language in ways that create more meaningful learning for your students, this course and task-based language teaching (TBLT) are for you.  We’ll  explore task-based approaches to second/foreign language learning and teaching using the principle of learning by doing, with projects that will help you understand and critically evaluate of the notion of “task” in both second language (L2) acquisition and instruction.

It doesn’t matter whether you are teaching a first/second or foreign, popular or less common, dominant, or endangered language; whether you are teaching online or offline; or teaching large or small classes: you will learn the fundamentals of how languages are learned and how to teach with tasks to make language learning happen. In addition to completing tasks and projects to learn about TBLT, by the end of the course, each student will create a bank of sample tasks, lesson templates, and reading summaries in infographics to take with them and apply to their own teaching.

An SLS 480-alpha course is a requirement for the SLS major.

Updated 12/21/2020