Learn all about creating and using language tests…and then create your own!

About the Instructor

Dr. Dan Isbell, PhD, Michigan State University, has been involved in language testing for nearly a decade. He has worked on tests for intensive English programs, a language test for a vocational program, and large-scale international English proficiency exams. Dr. Isbell has also published a number of journal articles and book chapters related to language testing and assessment.

For inquiries: disbell@hawaii.edu

Summer 2

This course is intended to provide a working knowledge of the basic principles and procedures for creating and using language tests, including standardized tests, integrative language tests, discrete-point tests, and tests of communicative competence. Participants also construct and try out some of their own tests. Students will learn the necessary statistical procedures to use in “testing the test” and will develop the skills needed to read test manuals with understanding (no previous knowledge of statistics or higher mathematics is required).

In this class, you’ll have the chance to create a brand-new language test. If you are currently teaching a language class or planning to conduct research on language learning, this serves as a excellent practical opportunity to get feedback on a test that is useful to your real-world practice. A well-made language test also fits nicely into a professional portfolio to show off your newfound testing expertise.

Required course for Second Language Studies major.

Updated 12/21/2020