A look at aging through a social lens…

About the Instructor

Krista Hodges has been teaching sociology and social sciences in the UH system since 2008. She is ABD in Sociology, with a focus in Medical Sociology and really enjoys getting to know and work with students. She believes in working with students to tailor their experience in the course to match their interests.

For inquiries: email khodges@hawaii.edu or call (808) 223-9393

Varied Dates (online – 06/7-08/13/21)

Look at aging through a social lens. Topics will include how the growing elderly population and their social patterns are impacting our society. We will look at and learn various theoretical perspectives through discussions, reading, and writing. This course is an opportunity for students to learn the broad aspects and impacts of aging and also focus in on a topic they are interested in. We will be looking at research and evaluating how that might translate to a study in Hawai‘i. This course will be online, but requires check-ins with the instructor via phone, text, or Zoom.

Fulfills the general education requirement: DS

Updated 04/19/2021