Learn a “difficult” language through a lively and unique approach…

ARAB 101
About the Instructor

Adly Mirza has been teaching Arabic for nearly 20 years. He is a native speaker who has travelled and lived in many Arabic countries. He is familiar not only with modern standard Arabic but also many local dialects. These include the Egyptian, Levantine and gulf (Saudi, Yemeni and Emirates) dialects. He is also an accomplished artist who illustrated many Arabic locations and popular Arab figures.

For inquiries: email adly@hawaii.edu or call 808-728-7818.

Summer 1

At the completion of the course students will have mastery of the Arabic alphabet, will be able to read and write simple Arabic sentences and carry on simple Arabic conversations. They will have exposure to the Arabic culture through food, movies, and music.

The course has a unique approach to learning a difficult language. The language comes alive through exercises that introduce the student to Arabic society and culture.

Fulfills the general education requirement: HSL

Updated 04/08/2022