Gain insight into aesthetics, advertising, and sales strategies in East Asia…

About the Instructor

Patrick Patterson received his PhD in History from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in 2014. His book Music and Words: Producing Popular Songs in Modern Japan concerns the development of the popular music industry in pre-war Japan. Dr. Patterson is interested in the transnational flows through which East Asian popular culture has developed from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries.

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Dr. Patrick Patterson, ppatters@hawaii.edu, or (808) 845-9417

Summer 1 (ONLINE)
No Textbook-Cost course

Using a combination of critical theory and business strategy, this course explores advertising choices, including beauty aesthetics, advertising techniques, language and image use, and sales strategies in East Asia. Students will gain cross-cultural insight that can be useful in both an academic and in a working setting.

This course builds a bridge from scholarly theory to business practice through applying theoretical analysis to actual advertising case studies. We seek to understand business decisions and audience buying choices from both perspectives. In that way, the course provides both rigorous analysis and practical knowledge of what is considered beautiful or desirable in East Asia and how that is used to sell products within East Asian markets.

Fulfills the general education requirements: DS, WI

Updated 12/01/2021