Explore IT and health communication in your areas of interest…

About the Instructor

Dr. Joanne Loos works as a science writer at the Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing. She focuses her research on health IT such as social media, wearable technology, and telehealth. She has also worked as a journalist and has been teaching various undergraduate courses at the School of Communications for more than a decade.

For inquiries: email joannedr@hawaii.edu or call (808) 956-6887.

Summer 2 (ONLINE Asynchronous)
No Textbook-Cost course

From telehealth to nanotechnology, 3-D printing to mobile applications, and everything in between, this  course provides an overview of health communication topics with a focus on information technology (IT). It covers foundations as well as interventions, practical considerations, and implications for communication scholars and practicing health professionals in the digital age.

This course allows students to explore IT and health communication as it relates to their own interests in the format of their choice. Students have created multimedia video presentations providing in-depth explorations of their chosen topics, using the foundational course material   and external research as a guide.

Updated 12/01/2021