“Write” a visual story with your camera…

About the Instructor

Frederic Larson, Pulitzer Prize Finalist, was a photojournalist at the San Francisco Chronicle for 30 years, where he covered all types of assignments – from fires to football, earthquakes to celebrities. It is his intimate photos of nature – particularly of the sun, moon, and fog – at play with San Francisco’s monuments and icons that have captivated readers for years.

View Frederic Larsonʻs 30 year Professional Photojournalism Portfolio.

For inquiries: email Frederic.Larson@gmail.com or frlarson@me.com

Varied Dates – July 5-22, 2022 (ONLINE Asynchronous)
No Textbook-Cost course

In this course, the emphasis will be on photographs that “tell a story.” Assignments will involve taking a feature, portrait, news and/or sports image. Students will be required over the summer semester to assemble a portfolio of images with a storyline for their final.

JOUR 307 is like no other course you can take at UH. The class is graded on how well you document (with a camera) a real news or feature story in your own neighborhood. Photojournalism is “writing” a visual story with your camera and staying away from the classroom atmosphere. The instructor will emphasize that students capture many “Great Moments in Great Light.”

Updated 12/01/2021