Explore and experience surfing as ritual and activity, then and now…

ANTH 175
About the Instructor

Ian ‘Akahi Masterson, is a surfer and educator hailing from Ko‘olaupoko on O‘ahu. His practice is to engage students in their environment, stressing observation of natural phenomena and awareness of their cultural importance then and now, thus bringing meaning to knowing. Ian’s philosophy is to inspire students to reach greatness and see the big picture by doing the research and experiencing the places – Ka ‘Imi ‘Ike, to seek knowledge.

For inquiries: call (808) 780-4064 or email imasters@hawaii.edu.

Summer 1

Looking at Hawaiian surfing as both a daily and ritual activity, we learn about how deeply integrated surfing is among the people of these islands and the voyagers who sailed here long ago. We will also consider how surfing is a globalized recreational activity, examining issues from ocean safety to the impact that the global search for surf has had on our world.

For our field lab, we’ll go to coastal locations around O‘ahu to learn about surfing, visit places to look at surfboards, spend some time caring for Hawaiian sites, and do crafts related to carving Hawaiian surfboards. We’ll also learn surf forecasting, as that will determine where our field labs will occur. Carpool “bubbles” will be established the first week of class.

Our culminating artifact will be our Polysurf Mag, for which each student writes an article and lays it out on the page.

Updated 12/08/2022