Identify problems and examine solutions to environmental dilemmas…

About the Instructor

Michael Cooney is an experienced researcher in bio-renewable energy systems as well as sustainability analysis. He also instructs senior level courses on Sustainability Analysis and Environmental Management Systems. He is the coordinator of the Sustainability Science track within the Global Environmental Science undergraduate program.

For inquiries, email or call (808) 956-7337.

Online  (6/15 – 7/24; Crosslisted with SUST 112)

This course will introduce students to the key components of the environment, to identify and analyze environmental problems that are both natural and human-made, and to examine alternative solutions for resolving or preventing them.

The course employs Sustainability Active Learning Unit Training discussion sessions and will meet online TR, 9:00am-12:10pm via the password protected Zoom video-conferencing platform. Students will need a strong internet connection, webcam, and audio capabilities. Course materials will also be available asynchronously via Laulima. For questions about the course or technical requirements, please email the instructor.

Fulfills the General Education biology designation: DB

Updated 4/7/2020