Explore O‘ahu landscapes and infrastructure and document the experience using mixed media…

About the Instructor

Scott Allen, professional planner with over a decade of working with government and non-government organizations toward sustainable development goals. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Learning Design and Technology. Enjoys spending his spare time sailing, hiking, or just being in nature.

For inquiries, email: sfalle2@hawaii.edu

Summer 2

While summer courses are fast paced, Sustainable Cities will provide several field trip opportunities to expose students to various dimensions of sustainability in the context of O‘ahu’s vibrant landscapes. These experiences will be used alongside instructional media to stimulate group discussion and reflection. What do we want our collective future to look like and what do we need to do to get there?

Students will have the opportunity to explore landscapes and infrastructure on O‘ahu and document their experiences using mixed media. We will then think about these experiences in the context of sustainability and learn together as a classroom community.

Fulfills the general educational requirement: WI

Updated 02/25/2023