Global and Pacific Island perspectives on sustainable urban development…

About the Instructor

Shahin Rahman is a PhD candidate at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at UH Mānoa. He has taught various issues on Urban Planning in Bangladesh; as well as Introduction to Planning, Sustainable Cities, and Research Methods at UH Mānoa. His research interest ranges from social justice in cities, local government policy, grassroots level planning, climate change, and sustainability.

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Online (6/15 – 7/24; Crosslisted with SUST 114)

The majority of the world’s populations now live in urban areas. While urban areas are centers of economic opportunity, they also transform landscapes and consume vast amounts of the earth’s natural resources. Is it possible for urban areas to balance economic development with social and environmental concerns? In this course, we will explore the social, economic, cultural, political, and environmental dimensions of sustainability.

This course will be offered online to examine specific areas of sustainable urban development, such as personal consumption behaviors, the history of sustainable development, land use and sprawl, green infrastructure, sustainable transportation, sea-level rise, renewable energy, food system, and environmental justice. Throughout the course, we will apply a global and Pacific Island perspective and identify opportunities for sustainable urban development for Hawaiʻi.

Fulfills the general education requirement: WI

Updated 4/7/2020