Well-being in the time of COVID-19…

About the Instructor

Dr. Lea Ann Lucas is a citizen of the world and trained as a clinical psychologist. She spent more than half of her teaching career living and working outside of the US. Her interests include cross-cultural psychology, industrial organizational psychology, and community-centered psychology.

For inquiries, email lealucas@hawaii.edu.

Online ( 06/08/20 – 08/14/20)

This course explores the role and impact psychology plays in the understanding of issues and conditions affecting the world’s population. Emphasis will be placed on the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and how psychology and psychologists can address emerging issues.

In this fast-changing environment of a global pandemic, students will explore all aspects of various information sources and how they influence psychological states and mental health.

This course uses Open Educational Resources (OER).

Fulfills GenEd/major requirement: DS

Updated 4/17/2020