SLS 150: Learning Languages and Communicating Interculturally in a Global Multilingual World

Explore perspectives on multilingual/multicultural communication…

About the Instructor

Ha Nguyen is interested in what multilingual and multicultural people do with their cultural and linguistic resources. Her research interests include intercultural communication in the workplace, Vietnamese Heritage Speakers, and bilingual/multilingual education. She has over 8 years of experience teaching at the university level.

For inquiries: Contact Ha Nguyen at or (808) 650-0684.

Summer 2

Featuring interesting readings, hands-on activities, and insightful group discussions, this course covers historical and global perspectives on becoming multilingual/multicultural. We look at cases of second language learning, teaching, use, growth, change, and loss across the world, from ancient times to the present. We will also discuss learning strategies, issues of identities, considerations in intercultural communication, and more.

Students’ own experiences are relevant and a valuable resource to the class. Short-grade bearing assignments and open-book final exam.

Fulfills the general education requirement: FGC

Updated 3/2/2020