In order to help students plan their academic route, Summer Sessions has worked with the UH Mānoa departments to guarantee courses for the upcoming summer. Courses are guaranteed to run until the dates listed below. The guarantee is for at least one section of the course to run, during the Summer Sessions. Complete schedules that include the course dates, meeting days and meeting times will be available in February.

Anthropology (ANTH)

ANTH 151Emerging Humanity3 crsSum 2021-2023
ANTH 152Culture and Humanity3 crsSum 2021-2023
ANTH 316Anthropology of Tourism3 crsSum 2021-2023
ANTH 350Pacific Island Cultures3 crsSum 2021-2023
ANTH 427Food, Health and Society3 crsSum 2021-2023

Art and Art History (ART)

ART 175Survey of Global Art I3 crsSum 2021-2022
ART 176Survey of Global Art II3 crsSum 2021-2022

Asian Studies (ASAN)

ASAN 465Japan Cool: Anime, Manga, and Film3 crsSum 2020-2022

Biochemistry (BIOC)

BIOC 341Elements of Biochemistry3 crsSum 2021-2023

Biology (BIOL)

BIOL 101Biology and Society3 crsSum 2021-2023
BIOL 171Introduction to Biology I3 crsSum 2021-2023
BIOL 171LIntroduction to Biology I Lab1 crSum 2021-2023
BIOL 172Introduction to Biology II3 crsSum 2021-2023
BIOL 172LIntroduction to Biology II Lab1 crSum 2021-2023
BIOL 275Cell and Molecular Biology3 crsSum 2021-2023
BIOL 275LCell and Molecular Biology Lab2 crsSum 2021-2023

Business (BUS)

BUS 209Written Communication in Business 3 crsSum 2021-2023
BUS 310Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions3 crsSum 2021-2023
BUS 311Information Systems for Global Business Environment3 crsSum 2021-2023
BUS 312Principles of Marketing3 crsSum 2021-2023
BUS 315Global Management and Organizational Behavior3 crsSum 2021-2023
BUS 345Strategic Management3 crsSum 2021-2023

Chemistry (CHEM)

CHEM 161General Chemistry I3 crsSum 2021-2023
CHEM 161LGeneral Chemistry Lab I1 crSum 2021-2023
CHEM 162General Chemistry II3 crsSum 2021-2023
CHEM 162LGeneral Chemistry Lab II 1 crSum 2021-2023
CHEM 272Organic Chemistry I3 crsSum 2021-2023
CHEM 272LOrganic Chemistry I Lab2 crsSum 2021-2023
CHEM 273Organic Chemistry II3 crsSum 2021-2023
CHEM 273LOrganic Chemistry II Lab1 crSum 2021-2023

Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

CEE 270Applied Mechanics I3 crsSum 2021
CEE 271Applied Mechanics II3 crsSum 2021
CEE 431Water and Wastewater Engineering3 crsSum 2021

Communication (COM)

COM 201Introduction to Communication3 crsSum 2021-2023
COM 320Communication and Communities3 crsSum 2021-2023
COM 330Information and Communication Technology Concepts3 crsSum 2021-2023
COM 340Intercultural Communication3 crsSum 2021-2023
COM 350Mediated Interpersonal Communication3 crsSum 2021-2023
COM 460Media Ethics3 crsSum 2021-2023

Communicology (COMG)

COMG 151Personal and Public Speech3 crsSum 2021-2022
COMG 251Principles of Effective Public Speaking3 crsSum 2021-2022

Economics (ECON)

ECON 130Principles of Microeconomics3 crsSum 2021-2023
ECON 131Principles of Macroeconomics3 crsSum 2021-2023
ECON 300Intermediate Macroeconomics3 crsSum 2021-2023
ECON 301Intermediate Microeconomics3 crsSum 2021-2022
ECON 321Introduction to Statistics3 crsSum 2021-2023

English (ENG)

ENG 100Composition I3 crsSum 2021-2023
ENG 200Composition II3 crsSum 2021-2023
ENG 209Business Writing3 crsSum 2021-2023
ENG 273Introduction to Literature: Creative Writing and Literature3 crsSum 2021
ENG 306Argumentative Writing I3 crsSum 2021-2023
ENG 313Creative Writing3 crsSum 2021

Ethnic Studies (ES)

ES 320Hawai’i and the Pacific 3 crsSum 2021-2023

Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN)

FSHN 185The Science of Human Nutrition3 crsSum 2021-2023

Geography (GEO)

GEO 101The Natural Environment3 crsSum 2021-2022
GEO 101LThe Natural Environment Lab1 crSum 2021-2022
GEO 102World Regional Geography3 crsSum 2021-2022
GEO 151Geography and Contemporary Society3 crsSum 2021-2022

Hawaiian (HAW)

HAW 100Language in Hawai’i: A Microcosm of Global Language Issues3 crsSum 2021-2023
HAW 101Elementary Hawaiian4 crsSum 2021-2023
HAW 102Elementary Hawaiian4 crsSum 2021-2023
HAW 201Intermediate Hawaiian4 crsSum 2021-2023
HAW 202Intermediate Hawaiian4 crsSum 2021-2023

Hawaiian Studies (HWST)

HWST 107Hawai’i: Center of the Pacific3 crsSum 2021-2022

Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS)

HDFS 230Human Development3 crsSum 2021-2023
HDFS 331Infancy and Early Childhood3 crsSum 2021-2022
HDFS 332Childhood3 crsSum 2021-2023
HDFS 333Adolescence and Early Adulthood3 crsSum 2021-2023
HDFS 334Middle Age and Aging3 crsSum 2021-2023
HDFS 340Intimacy, Marriages and Families3 crsSum 2021-2023
HDFS 380Research Methodology3 crsSum 2021-2023
HDFS 380LResearch Methodology Lab1 crSum 2021-2023

Japanese (JPN)

JPN 101Elementary Japanese4 crsSum 2021-2023
JPN 102Elementary Japanese4 crsSum 2021-2023
JPN 201Intermediate Japanese 4 crsSum 2021-2023
JPN 202Intermediate Japanese 4 crsSum 2021-2023

Journalism (JOUR)

JOUR 460Media Ethics3 crsSum 2021-2023

Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science (KRS)

KRS 102Aerobic Fitness: Beginning1 crSum 2021-2022
KRS 152Weight Training1 crSum 2021-2022
KRS 170Yoga: Beginning1 crSum 2021-2023
KRS 332Emergency Care and First Aid Training3 crsSum 2021-2023
KRS 353Structural Kinesiology3 crsSum 2021-2023
KRS 354Exercise and Sport Physiology3 crsSum 2021-2023
KRS 354LExercise and Sport Physiology Lab2 crsSum 2021-2023
KRS 395Personal Health and Wellness3 crsSum 2021-2023
KRS 407Psychosocial Aspects of Sport3 crsSum 2021
KRS 415Prevent/Care of Athletic Injuries 3 crsSum 2021
KRS 419Administration in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Allied Health3 crsSum 2021
KRS 420Lower Extremity Assessment3 crsSum 2021
KRS 421Upper Extremity Assessement3 crsSum 2021
KRS 434Coaching Athletics3 crsSum 2021
KRS 463Sport Biomechanics3 crsSum 2021-2023
KRS 470Fitness for Life3 crsSum 2021
KRS 480Nutrition in Exercise and Sport3 crsSum 2021
KRS 488Practicum in Health and Exercise Science4 crsSum 2021

Korean (KOR)

KOR 205Accelerated Intermediate Korean8 crsSum 2021-2023

Management (MGT)

MGT 320Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship3 crsSum 2021
MGT 341Behavior in Organizations3 crsSum 2021

Marketing (MKT)

MKT 391Marketing Strategies3 crsSum 2021-2023

Mathematics (MATH)

MATH 100Survey of Mathematics3 crsSum 2021-2023
MATH 140Precalculus: Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry3 crsSum 2021-2023
MATH 241Calculus I4 crsSum 2021-2023
MATH 242Calculus II 4 crsSum 2021-2023
MATH 243Calculus III3 crsSum 2021-2023
MATH 244Calculus IV3 crsSum 2021-2023
MATH 302Introduction to Differential Equations I3 crsSum 2021-2023
MATH 307Linear Algebra and Differential Equations3 crsSum 2021-2023
MATH 372Elementary Probability and Statistics3 crsSum 2021-2023

Peace Studies (PACE)

PACE 310Survey Peace and Conflict Studies3 crsSum 2021-2023
PACE 315Personal Peace: Stories of Hope3 crsSum 2021-2023
PACE 412Gandhi, King, and Nonviolence3 crsSum 2021
PACE 420Introduction to Human Rights: International and Comparative Perspectives3 crsSum 2021
PACE 429Negotiation3 crsSum 2021-2023

Philosophy (PHIL)

PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy: Morals and Society3 crsSum 2021
PHIL 111Introduction to Inductive Logic3 crsSum 2021

Physics (PHYS)

PHYS 100Survey of Physics3 crsSum 2021-2022
PHYS 100LSurvey of Physics Lab1 crSum 2021-2022
PHYS 151College Physics I3 crsSum 2021-2022
PHYS 151LCollege Physics Lab I 1 crSum 2021-2022
PHYS 152College Physics II3 crsSum 2021-2022
PHYS 152LCollege Physics Lab II1 crSum 2021-2022
PHYS 170General Physics I4 crsSum 2021-2022
PHYS 170LGeneral Physics I Lab1 crSum 2021-2022
PHYS 272General Physics II3 crsSum 2021-2022
PHYS 272LGeneral Physics II Lab1 crSum 2021-2022

Political Science (POLS)

POLS 110Introduction to Political Science3 crsSum 2021
POLS 341The Politics of Media3 crsSum 2021
POLS 385American Politics3 crsSum 2021-2023

Psychology (PSY)

PSY 100Survey of Psychology3 crsSum 2021-2023
PSY 212Survey of Research Methods4 crsSum 2021-2023
PSY 225Statistical Techniques3 crsSum 2021-2023
PSY 240Developmental Psychology3 crsSum 2021-2023
PSY 322Learning and Motivation3 crsSum 2021-2023
PSY 324Psychology of Emotion3 crsSum 2021-2023
PSY 341Social Development of Children3 crsSum 2021-2023
PSY 351Cross-Cultural Psychology3 crsSum 2021-2023
PSY 352Psychology of Human Sexuality3 crsSum 2021-2023
PSY 371Abnormal Psychology3 crsSum 2021-2023

Public Health Sciences (PH)

PH 310Introduction to Epidemiology3 crsSum 2021-2022

Religion (REL)

REL 150Introduction to the World’s Major Religions3 crsSum 2021-2023

Spanish (SPAN)

SPAN 101Elementary Spanish3 crsSum 2021-2023
SPAN 102Elementary Spanish3 crsSum 2021-2023
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish3 crsSum 2021-2023
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish3 crsSum 2021-2023

Sociology (SOC)

SOC 100Introduction to Sociology3 crsSum 2021-2023
SOC 300Principles of Sociological Inquiry4 crsSum 2021-2023
SOC 335Survey of Drugs and Society3 crsSum 2021-2023
SOC 354Survey of Medical Sociology3 crsSum 2021-2023
SOC 475Analysis in Survey Research3 crsSum 2021-2023

Special Education (SPED)

SPED 304Foundations of Inclusive Schooling3 crsSum 2021-2023

Travel Industry Management (TIM)

TIM 101Introduction to Travel Industry Management3 crsSum 2021
TIM 102Food and World Cultures3 crsSum 2021-2023
TIM 200Internship II2 crsSum 2021-2023
TIM 300Internship III2 crsSum 2021-2023
TIM 302Information Systems Technology3 crsSum 2021-2023
TIM 304Principles of Travel Industry Marketing3 crsSum 2021-2023
TIM 305Financial Management for the Travel Industry3 crsSum 2021-2023

Urban and Regional Planning (PLAN)

PLAN 310Introduction to Planning3 crsSum 2021-2022

Womenʻs Studies (WS)

WS 151Introduction to Women’s Studies3 crsSum 2021
WS 175History of Gender, Sex and Sexuality in Global Perspectives to 1500 CE3 crsSum 2021
WS 351Women, Ideas and Society3 crsSum 2021-2023
WS 375Women and the Media3 crsSum 2021

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