NOTE: Adjustments for health and safety reasons will be made as necessary.

Why should someone take UH Mānoa classes while still in high school?

  • If the individual is academically advanced in a certain subject, the challenge of a college-level course could be intellectually stimulating.
  • If the student is mature for their age, the increased responsibilities of a college environment, as well as interacting with college students and professors, could be socially beneficial.
  • Selecting and applying to colleges can be an overwhelming task. However, experiencing a course on a college campus before this process begins helps students feel less intimidated by college life and more confident when tackling their college applications.
  • Similarly, when a student graduates from high school, their experience as a UH Mānoa Summer Scholar will make their transition to college that much easier.

How will this help a student in the future?

In addition to the reasons above, participating in the Summer Scholar Program can help a student in the future by strengthening their college applications. Taking college courses while still in high school shows a studentʻs initiative in advancing their education, a willingness to challenge themselves academically and a proven capability of succeeding at the college level.

Also, by participating in the Summer Scholar Program, students can start to complete college core courses. This means they can take a lighter course-load in their freshman year, which may facilitate their transition to college life, or they might choose to take a normal load of courses their freshman year and possibly graduate from college in fewer semesters.

Is the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa campus safe?

The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa is firmly committed to providing a safe and secure campus environment. Campus Security is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, Summer Scholars must learn to use good judgment and take appropriate precautions to reduce the possibility of becoming the victim of a crime on campus. Especially since Summer Scholars are new to the college campus environment, safety precautions and ways to respond in case of an emergency will be discussed during the Summer Scholar orientation.

Do Summer Scholars get individualized attention?

When it comes to course material, receiving individualized attention is up to the student. There are resources available: professors and teaching assistants (T.A.s) have office hours (announced to students on the first day of class and included in the course syllabus) and may know of tutoring services that are available. Just like any college student, it is up to the Summer Scholar to seek additional help when needed.

Staff of the Summer Scholar Program are also here to provide support and individualized attention to program participants. All of our students are still in high school so we are here to help them navigate the college environment. Ideally, Summer Scholars will develop their ability to proactively reach out to university staff for assistance.

Are there any penalties for withdrawing from classes?

Students should be mindful of the course Academic Calendar in order to avoid financial and academic penalties for withdrawing. Also, they should understand that participation (i.e., registering for a course) will result in an official college transcript unless they drop the course before the deadline. View the Academic Calendar.

The Academic Calendar contains important registration and withdrawal deadline information for a course. If the student withdraws during a period where they receive a “W” on their transcript, their UH Mānoa college transcript will permanently reflect the course and “W” in place of a grade earned. If a student does not go through the process to officially withdraw from a course and stops attending class, they will receive an “F” grade on their permanent academic record at UH Mānoa. Students in the Summer Scholar Program have the same responsibilities as college students attending UH Mānoa and are expected to initiate the withdrawal process.

Does Outreach College have any type of orientation for students?

Outreach College will host a Summer Scholar orientation for all accepted students. This is an opportunity for the Scholars to meet each other and program staff. Also, students can tour the campus and become more familiar with campus services and amenities. Information about the Summer Scholar orientation will be sent to all accepted applicants.


Call (808) 956-9246 or email sscholar@hawaii.edu