Online Graduate Degree Programs

We offer a variety of convenient online Master’s degree and PhD programs in high-demand fields.

Are you interested in taking your career to the next level with online graduate education? We offer a variety of convenient online Master’s degree and PhD programs in high-demand fields. Our programs provide you with a flexible schedule and the professional networking you’ll need to advance in your field.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers has indicated that finishing your Master’s degree can mean unlocking significantly greater earnings potential in your career, compared to those without a graduate degree. Graduate education can be a financial investment that makes you a more attractive job candidate or give you the edge in advancing in your current career.

We offer Master’s degree and PhD programs in a variety of subjects that can help you advance in your field or even make the change to a new career. Some of our programs are offered in an accelerated online format, giving you even greater flexibility for completion in a timely manner. Several programs are offered in synchronous, real-time online formats; here, students and faculty meet regularly through video conferencing software, allowing you to get to know your fellow classmates and your teachers “in person” while online. Still other programs are hybrid, meaning that some courses are offered online and some in person on the UH Mānoa campus, giving you the best of both classroom experiences.

Whether your program of choice is offered fully online or hybrid, synchronously or asynchronously, our UH Online graduate programs feature engaging learning for students and faculty and a world-class accredited classroom experience that will help you reach your educational goals.

All of our programs are taught by experienced faculty who are passionate about the courses they teach. Learn from their expertise and move toward your goals today. Contact us to learn more and to speak to an advisor about getting started.