Helpful tips about course prerequisites.

Students are responsible for meeting course prerequisite requirements.

Some courses cannot be registered for unless you have completed other courses, placement tests, or other requirements. Courses with prerequisite requirements have a “pre:” notation in the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Catalog course description.

New and Returning or Visiting Students:

Prerequisite registration approval codes can only be entered for current students. If you have not been officially admitted for the term, you should wait for your notice of acceptance and your student ID number before asking for an approval code.

If you think you need approval to register for a course or you tried to register and cannot due to an error code (Preq-Prerequisite Error), you should contact the instructor or the academic department offering the course for assistance.

The department or instructor cannot register you for the course. However, if you are approved to register for the course, the instructor or the appropriate person in the department or college can enter an approval code into the web registration system that will allow you to register.