Master of Education in Learning Design & Technology

The Online Master’s in Learning Design and Technology (OTEC) program welcomes busy professionals from the neighbor islands and the mainland United States as well as international students who hold a bachelor’s degree and find time and distance constraints of furthering an on-campus degree too difficult.

OTEC is a two or three-year academic program leading to a Master’s in Education (MEd) in Learning Design and Technology. Started in 2006, the online Master’s program builds on the UH educational technology graduate program with a 50-year history of success and leadership in the field.

The primary employers of LTEC graduates are educational institutions, both public and private, at all levels: K-12, post-secondary (community colleges and universities). Also, government and private agencies like software companies, publishing companies, and companies and agencies with training and design departments, such as health care, manufacturing industries and large retail corporations.

There is no single job title for learning design and educational technologists in organizations, but some examples include: Training Coordinator, Instructional Designer, Technology Support Specialist, Museum Education Specialist, and so on.